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"Hello and welcome to J A Genealogy, a U.K. based Genealogical Research Company
. With many years experience and expert professional knowledge 
I'm positive I can help you on your journey in discovering your ancestors and genealogical history. I look forward to starting that journey with you”

Mr John Austin (Head Genealogist)

Whether you are a complete novice or have already started your own Genealogy Research, at J A Genealogy I'm certain I can help you discover so much more.

If, after viewing my Products and Packages you're still unsure on what I can do for you, please contact us and make an enquiry. I am adaptable and aim to meet your Genealogical requirements.

With our FREE Initial Assessments, you only make a payment once we know that your Genealogy Records are available for discovery. This means time and money isn't wasted searching for Genealogical Records that are not available.

This is what I can offer you .....

  1. FREE! Initial Genealogy Assessment
  2. Pre-Designed Family Tree Packages
  3. Individual Ancestor Research
  4. 100% Confidentiality
  5. Regular Research Updates
  6. Recommendations For Future Research
  7. A Friendly & Professional Service

And so much more .....

This is what I can discover for you .....
  1. Your Ancestors Parents
  2. Your Ancestors Children
  3. Your Ancestors Siblings
  4. Birth, Marriage & Death Dates
  5. Where Your Ancestors Lived
  6. Their Occupations
  7. Military Service Records
  8. Crime & Punishment Records
  9. Newspaper Reports
  10. Immigration & Emigration Records

And so much more .....


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The National Library & Education Centre for Family History.
The Institute of Heraldic & Genealogical Studies

The School of Family History.



J A Genealogy, 4 Offens Drive, Staplehurst, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 0LB, U. K
Telephone: 07794 455512

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